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Quotes There are breeders and there are breeders. Carol Sims is the ultimate breeder in my opinion. We got our wonderful Mastiff "Mister Big" from Carol in May of this year. From my initial phone call to her in January until we picked out our puppy in April the experience was so wonderful. Carol is so devoted, knowledgeable, and loving to all. She feels like a friend you have known for years. Her puppies are the " cream of the crop" in looks and temperament. Thank you Carol for my wonderful English Mastiff "Mister Big" Quotes
Hope Bandalin
Proud Owner of Sims English Mastiffs

Quotes Just wanted to let you know that the vet appointment went great!! My little man turned heads!! Or regular vets sold their business and this is my first visit with the new one. I am very happy so far!!! Carol I can't thank you enough. Many pics and up dates to come!!! Julie!!03/26/14 Quotes
Julie Gilbert
Proud Owner of Leonidas

Quotes All is well with Sadie. She has brought so much joy to our little family. We recently took professional pictures of my son, fiance and I. Ironically, the photographer behind the camera (Melissa Fuller I believe) bought her male mastiff from you 8 months ago. Also, we learned that her male pup and Sadie are 1/2 siblings (from Cruz). What a small world! She and I live in different counties, but found out we were connected through you and your pups! We both talked the world about you. Keep doing what you are doing. Your outstanding reputation, passion, and love for English Mastiffs definitely does not go unnoticed! Quotes
Beth Ruldolph
Sadie's Mom

Quotes As a first time Mastiff owner, Carol took the time to get to know our lifestyle and needs and matched us with a perfect puppy! Thor is the light of our lives. He has an amazing laid back temperament, and he is the easiest dog we've ever trained. He even has a retriever instinct, something he discovered when he was only 9 weeks old! Thor's healthy as a horse and he has zero health issues whatsoever. His growth is wonderfully even, he has no joint issues, and he's the sweetest dog I've ever known. We love Thor so much, and we can't imagine ever getting another breed or another dog from anywhere but Carol. I especially love watching his siblings grow up too, and I love the "global" Mastiff family Carol maintains through this site. Great work on furthering the breed and producing wonderful, happy puppies Quotes
Wonderful Thor!

Quotes First, I must say that we had a Totally wonderful experience finding our puppy through Carol. She is so thorough in giving her all to inform, educate and assist in the adoption process that I am a total fan of Carol Sims. Fortuna was 7 months old when Carol sent Fortuna's picture and stats to us. We live in the Yucatan, Mexico, so getting Fortuna home might have been a real issue, but Carol made the process easy for us. Every document and need we had, Carol had it covered! Carol is willing and ready to help in any way ... Huge Thanks to Carol for all she does! And Fortuna, our "pup" is just perfect! We adore her. She is beautiful, sweet, smart and loving. What a Fortunate day for us, when we adopted Fortuna from Carol! I can't say enough good things about Carol or Fortuna. Just a wonderful experience that is continuing day by day! When we want to add a new pup ... Carol Sims is the person I will contact. Excellent Experience 360! Thanks Carol! Lesley Peter and Family Quotes
The Peter Family
Fortuna In Mexico

Quotes We are the proud parents of Henry our first old English mastiff. Carol's dedication to her dogs was clear from our first visit. She is knowledgable caring and a wonderful person. She made the process easy and HEnry's transition to our home was seen less. Thank you Carol for introducing us to such loving dogs! Quotes
Marji Hensel
Very happy mastiff mom

Quotes I am the proud mother of a 9 week old puppy from Coconut and Zues' litter and I am sooo glad that we used Carol to get our baby! We live over 11 hours away so visiting with him and picking him out wouldn't have been easy without Carol. She went above and beyond all of our expectations by sending us daily updates, pictures every few days, Skyping with us, and taking videos so that we could see him and get to know him before he even came home. She was always there for our random questions and emails even though I know we bugged her haha! Godric came home healthy and happy and already knowing his basic commands. Even after him getting home to us she still checks on him and is available to answer any of our questions that we might have. Our "little" guy gets all the attention when we go out because of his beautiful markings, his huge size even as a puppy, and his wonderful demeanor. Thanks again Carol! Quotes
Proud Parent

Quotes In consideration of owning we were a little nervous about having such a large breed dog. As we continued to research English Mastiffs we found the loving temperament of the breed was a very common remark mentioned in nearly every blog we had viewed. After looking through several breeders in Florida, we contacted Sims and were very pleased with how informative they were. Sims English Mastiffs (Carol) is well educated compared to the others we had reached out to. So, we took the plunge and awaited our new baby to be born. On March 8, 2012 Poseidon was born, son of Zeus and Mighty. We have a large family with 4 children ranging from 6 to 17. We couldn't wait to see him and bring him to our home. We felt like we were having a baby. On April 7, 2012 we attended the puppy camp open house, we fell in love with the little guy. What an exciting day!! And so much fun!! Finally, April 28, 2012 we got to bring him home!! Sims was a great choice for us. Poseidon is the best!! Thank you Carol!!!! Quotes
Chris & Deanna Wilson, Cape Coral Florida
Proud Mastiff Owners

Quotes We learned about English Mastiffs from a photography client who has one and she said they are wonderful with children. After many months of research on the breed and Mastiff breeders, we stumbled upon Carol at Sims English Mastiffs. I was so impressed with the level of customer service and communication she provided us, not to mention the cleanliness of her facility!!! After our first visit, we were sold!!! We are now the proud owners of Canon, our 3 months old little girl. She is such a blessing to our family and is just as sweet as she could be. She loves our boys, 10yrs, 3yrs, and 10mths. She is already potty trained, and is as smart as a whip!!! Thank you, Carol. We coudln't be happier!!! All Our Love, The Muises : ) Quotes
Chanda Brae
We Love Canon!!!!!

Quotes We got Fenway in December from Athena & Deacons litter born in October & he has been the biggest blessing we could have ever asked for. He?s a local celebrity everywhere he goes. Everyone always says how beautiful he is, how they?ve heard of him, or watched him grow. While he is a big lug, he is absolutely the sweetest dog you could have ever imagined. He has such a kind & loving personality. Recently he started doggy daycare & we were so proud that he received all A+?s on his ?report card? & they say that he just loves to cuddle & share. He lets the other dogs, big & little jump on his back & doesn?t even flinch, not one aggressive bone in his body. We truly don?t believe Fenway would have been as sweet & loving without Carol?s loving care. She is so great at what she does & cares for her puppies as they were her own. Carol, thank you for investing so much time & love into our puppy from day 1. We can never thank you enough for such an incredible puppy he is extraordinary! Quotes
Jenna, Brian & Fenway
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