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Clio at Sims English Mastiffs

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                  English and Neapolitan Breeder/Owner of Champion Bloodlines for Show or Companion  

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Established 2008 Sims English & Neapolitan Mastiffs Owner/Show/Breeder -Champion Bloodlines

Our Commitment at

Sims English


Sims English and Neapolitan Mastiff "Puppy Camp". We take pride in our Mastiffs puppies and dogs. We strive to produce to meet AKC/OFA standards. We research our stud's pedigrees prior to breeding to look at getting all the strengths and weaknesses of each canine being bred to ensure we are breeding for soundness, structure, temperament, and health. Our "Puppy  Camp" facility here at Sims English Mastiffs includes a small hospital & office space, air conditioned and heated dog quarters, two nurseries, viewing area, magic mating room. Our dog & puppy cabin has television since they all enjoy watching their favorite show, The Dog Whisper. We only breed our Dams when they're 2 years of age and only one litter per year. We support conformation showing, rally and obedience programs. All of our puppies come with a health guarantee. Our Puppies are wormed with UTD shots, continuing "Puppy Care Package"includes puppy care book or video, collar, beginner leash, toy, small trial sample bags of food and treats. All of our puppies are socialized from day one. If you're thinking of purchasing an English Mastiff, please research first by visiting my website simsenglishmastiffs.com and feel comfortable by getting to know more about me and my extended family, I have 13 myself. Call to set an appointment or email me to socialize with my babies and check out our "PUPPY CAMP". See where your new family addition is coming from. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call me, after all my favorite subject to discuss are my babies. Located in Bushnell, Fl - North of Tampa, 1 hr from Orlando -Central Florida. Co-Owned Bitches in Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Texas. No worries, shipping is available.


Clio - AKC Daytona Dog Show "Winner's Bitch" 

6-9 mts

Elise 5 mts first import English Mastiff from

Canada at Sims English Mastiffs located in Bushnell, Fl

5/1/13 Graduated from Obedience School/Conformation

AKC/OFA English Mastiff Puppies are available at

Sims English Mastiffs in Florida

www.simsenglishmastiffs.com, please

come visit Carol and her extended family at her


Photo above: A Sweet Little Girl with "CANON" my

Puppy Photographer's English Mastiff Puppy

My First Three English Mastiffs 

Boy and his Dog... Baby Rock Photographer's
Son with her dog Canon

This dog rocks, "CANON" loves her Photographer Mommy Chanda 
when she does baby shoots. "Baby Rock Photography"

"Wedge" with Breeder Carol Sims

   The Long Family After "PUPPY CAMP" Graduation at Sims English Mastiffs.

 Destinee at Sims English Mastiffs our "Puppy Camp Counselor" who socializes with the babies, helps with care and families of adoptions. She is also in training for our Jr Handler AKC Dog Shows.

Cruze with his Handler/Trainer Susan at his first match in Palmetto...WON! "Best of Breed" First Place

Kyle and his puppy Cannon- Offspring of Wedge and Holley

Thank you for visiting our website here at Sims English Mastiffs "Gentle Giants" Canine Love... We welcome you to visit our Kennel located in Bushnell, Florida. 

Call for a personal tour to socialize with our Adults and Babies....



See tab "Puppies Available" for details  

Take a tour of our new Facility located in BUSHNELL, Florida 

Sims English Mastiffs and Neapolitan Mastiffs are all AKC registered with our concerns being the betterment of the breed, the health and welfare for all of our adults and puppies. 

SIMS SHOW LINE... Bitches/Dogs Fully Tested:

 CHIC & CERF  (hips/joints/elbows/knees/cardio/eyes) test results available at offa.org 

We also test our Show breeding line for Cystinuria DNA (kidney's)





Sims English Mastiff Show Dog CLIO at 8 months- Just ranked CHAMPION SHOW DOG 6/12/14 at by one year of age.

Kyle my Puppy Photography's Son with their Sims English Mastiff Puppy "Cannon" - family photo taken by Sandra Bianco Photography. Wedge and Holley's Daughter.

 My Puppy Photography - "Baby Rock Photography" took most of our photos at Sims English Mastiffs...Love her!

Zora with me (Carol)


"HEMI" Puppy From Sims English Mastiffs


"WEDGE'S" Tiger (Rare Color) Puppy Sired

with "Georgia" out of MA.


"CY" the offspring of Wedge's Tiger puppy above, now all grown up - two years of age. He has Wedge's face!! What a beautiful dog! Stud (semen) can be shipped, contact me for contact information.


Wedge one of my Sire's

Sims English Mastiffs

       PUPPIES and more PUPPIES!!!      



"CLIO" New addition just arrived Sept 2013,
Import puppy from Paris, FRANCE, Sired International Grand Champion/Multi Champion and also on Dam's side Excellent ratings... 8 weeks old! July 2013 photo

"CLIO" Registered in Paris, France and AKC Pedigree Registered as "Indira Gandhi Du Clan Des Sel"